The European Technology Engagement Cell (ETEC) is a platform linked with the India EU Water Partnership (IEWP) and developed by EBTC.

Water companies from Europe can register via ETEC to showcase their expertise and technologies / solutions to a focused and relevant audience in India. It only need the upload of the company and technology profiles.

Please register if you are a European water company and would like to get involved in and informed about:

  • Support from the IEWP and its cooperation partner, the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) for business involvement
  • Project opportunities in the Indian water sector
  • Activities / events of the IEWP

ETEC is your entry point for engagement towards business collaboration in India, including the water sector: create a profile of your company and your technology-based solution(s).
The platform is available for free for European businesses in the water sector.

Three steps to get involved:

  • Register at ETEC
  • Create a Company Profile
  • Create a Technology Profile

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