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WME Gesellschaft für windkraftbetriebene Meerwasserentsalzungs mbH
20 Feb 2020

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WME, through this platform, aims to introduce a new revolutionizing Greenfield technology in India which can meet the future water demands of the country while reducing its carbon footprints and dependency on conventional energy without having any adverse effect on the environment, climate, marine life and shoreline. It can also effectively remove harmful health hazards like Arsenic, fluoride and uranium (depending on the type and % of Uranium) from the ground/surface water in the country.

Technology Description:

The plant produces excellent quality fresh water of about 20 m³/hr round the clock with a TDS < 5 mg/l and conductivity < 10µS/cm with a pH 7. In case of seawater desalination, the reject water of the plant can easily be used for high-quality sea salt production as a by-product since it contains 7-10% of salt concentration or can be released back into the main source without any adverse effect on marine life or environment as it has no added chemicals. MVC is one of the most energy-saving desalination processes as the heat is recovered. Due to the low evaporation temperatures (< 85 °C), an increase of the vapour pressure (<100 bar) is enough to realize a temperature difference of 3 - 5 K for the total heat transfer. Hence, an effective heat transfer is taking place through the walls of the tubes. In contrast to the direct evaporation of seawater, the MVC process requires only 2-3% of the energy. The more water evaporates, the higher is the salt concentration of the remaining seawater. Under normal conditions, the salt concentration should not be higher than 10 %. Therefore concentrated brine is continuously discharged back into the sea. Energy input is directly proportional to the water output: distillate production depends on the compressor speed respectively the power required by the compressor and the evaporation temperature. The remineralization of the distillate can be achieved by dosing of the adequate minerals as desired.


Minimal maintenance, high operational reliability and long service life characterize the WME desalination plant, the only technology of its kind in this world.WME’s MVC plant is a standalone unit and can operate in remote areas. There is no need for any pre or post-treatment of feed water nor any treatment for reject water as our plant does not use any chemicals like other plants. The plant can widely be used to treat all types of saltwater (salinity up to 50 g/l) as well as contaminated water/river water/ any type of industrial wastewater / sludgy water from natural disasters and groundwater with any impurities such as arsenic, fluoride and other inorganic impurities etc. without any use of chemicals, thus making it absolutely green and environment-friendly. The auto Antiscalant system, patented and developed by WME, condition the feed water to ensure there is no fouling, biofouling, scaling and no foul smells. There is no corrosion due to the use of titanium and special alloy steel. The operating life cycle of the plant is about 3 to 4 times longer than plants based on other technologies. After any shutdown, the plant can be started immediately without any preparation irrespective of the shutdown period (1 hour to 1 month and beyond). Only approved and dependable parts are used. All mechanical, electrical and electronic components are thoroughly tested under continuous operation conditions. No sensitive electronics used in the entire process of engineering. The volatile matters, including strongly smelling substa nces, are completely removed and destroyed.

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WME offers standard plants with water output of 20 m³/h plants. The units can be interlinked to produce up to 5000 m³/day and more and require only one person to operate the same.

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WME Gesellschaft für windkraftbetriebene Meerwasserentsalzungs mbH
29 Nov 2019

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