Privacy Policy

The European Technology Engagement Cell (henceforth referred to as ETEC) is a platform linked with the India EU Water Partnership (henceforth referred to as IEWP) and developed by European Business and Technology Centre (henceforth referred to as EBTC).

EBTC is committed to respecting the privacy of all of the registered users of its website, the home page of which is located at accordance with this “ Privacy Policy” (henceforth referred to as ‘Privacy Policy’).

EBTC strives to provide safe and secure data handling to all the Registered Users who share user details. 

  1. This Privacy Policy incorporates by reference all terms and conditions included in ETEC’s “Terms of Use” and any other document referred to in it.
  2. This Privacy Policy lays down the policies and practices which are applicable to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information and anonymous information which a user submits to ETEC through the website.
  3. By accessing the website or by registering with ETEC you accept all the terms of this Privacy Policy.
  4. Your use or continued use of the services provided by ETEC through the Website will signify your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.
  5. Please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any queries or concerns about processing your personal data, or data protection or would like to update information that we may hold about you.

The Privacy Policy contains the following:

  1. Definitions
  2. Consent of the registered user
  3. ETEC virtual matchmaking platforms
  4. How ETEC collects your personal information
  5. Type of Personal Information collected by EBTC
  6. Legal basis for processing your personal information
  7. Responsibility for your personal information
  8. Sharing personal information
  9. How ETEC may use your personal information
  10. Legal Requests
  11. Termination and Data Handling
  12. Rights
  13. Notification of Changes
  14. Linking to other sites
  15. Contact Us


    1. “Private Workspaces” mean and refers to the access-controlled portion of the Website that Registered Users can access by logging into their Accounts and use to communicate or to store information and content that is not for public access.
    2. “Shared Workspaces” means and refers to portion of the Website, which is not access controlled, where Registered Users may share data, information, etc.
    3. All other capitalized terms not defined in this Privacy Policy are defined in the Terms of Use.


    1. By submitting information through the Website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and you expressly consent to the processing of Information according to this Privacy Policy. Information submitted by the Registered User may be processed by ETEC in India, where it is collected, as well as other countries where laws regarding processing confidential information may be different than the home country of the Registered User.


    1. The Profile Registration Page, “India-EU Water Partnership   page available on are areas of the Website which are for the benefit of Registered Users.
    2. The Profile Registration Page, ETEC,  Private Workspaces and Shared Workspace are areas of the Website which facilitate communication and the exchange and sharing of information between the ETEC  and the Registered Users.
    3. The information contained in Private Workspaces shared between ETEC and Registered Users is not used for any purposes other than to facilitate communication, support from the IEWP and its EBTC, project opportunities, and activities/ events of the IEWP.


    1. We may collect personal information from you in the course of our business, including but not limited to:
      1. Your use of our website and associated platforms.
      2. When you contact or request information from us.
      3. When you engage our services or as a result of your relationship with one or more of our staff and clients.
      4. When you offer or provide services to us.
      5. When you attend our events, exhibitions or sign up to receive information from us.


    1. Basic information and contact details: This may include your name, name of your organization and designation, contact details such as your postal address, telephone numbers, e-mail and website addresses.
    2. Financial information: Any payment related information related to billing including but not limited to bank details, invoices etc.
    3. Business information: Your professional/sectoral expertise or that of your organization, size of organization, employee strength, turnover, business interests etc. Additionally, any such other information you may provide to us for the purpose of setting meetings, events and exhibitions. This information fundamentally allows ETEC to categorize the companies/ organizations based on their interest in market research & intelligence, feasibility study, market entry strategy, investment opportunities etc. 
    4. Profile data: Data such as username and password for logging into ETEC led platforms and online portals. Any information provided by you to ETEC indicating your preferences to receiving marketing information from us, your communication preferences and information about how you may use our website.
    5. Technical data: Information such as the number of your visits to our website, your IP address, browser data etc. During the course of any visit to our site, any pages that you view are downloaded on your computer along with short text file(s) called ‘cookie(s)’ which help users navigate the website efficiently and perform certain functions. You may refuse the use of such cookies or withdraw your consent at any time by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser which may impact your experience on the website. For further information about cookies, including how to manage them, please visit
    6. Sensitive personal data: In course of our client services, we might be required to represent you before other potential clients or public institutions and authorities which might require us to collect any such relevant information provided by you or generated by us in the course of providing services to you.
    7. Any other information related to you which you may provide to us


    1. Our legal basis for processing your information may be either of the following:
      1. When you have given us your clear consent to process your data.
      2. When processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract.
      3. When processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which ETEC may be subject to.
      4. When processing is necessary for pursuing legitimate interests of ETEC or a third party subject to the applicable laws.


    1. EBTC is responsible for your personal data acting as an independent data controller.  EBTC is an independent, not for profit company under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 in India.  All data is stored and secured in EBTC database and server.


    1. ETEC uses all this information and content for its internal purposes including contacting you via email to inform you about updates, informing you about new workshops seminars and new opportunities. ETEC also shares this information with the Companies who wish to contact you or generally companies having same area of expertise, which might also include you. ETEC at no point rents or sells to its Registered Users or any third party any information and/or Content thus collected. ETEC may also send you email communications including information that it thinks may be of interest to you.
    2. All information stored in server(s) of the EBTC is used for referring Registered Users and other interested persons who may approach ETEC, to the Registered Users who are categorized by ETEC based on different parameters, specifications and area of expertise. If you request ETEC for some additional information about a Registered User your contact information and other information may also be disclosed by ETEC to that Registered User. ETEC shall provide the desired information only with the consent of the registered user whose information has been sought. You agree not to use the disclosed information of other Registered Users for any misuse or illegal purpose.
    3. We may also share your personal information with suppliers to whom we outsource certain services, or with certain professional advisers, or third parties involved in hosting or organizing events or seminars. ETEC may also be required to share your personal information in compliance of any applicable laws or authorities entitled to receive such information under any laws.  We may also share your information with operators of electronic payment systems and banks in the scope of payments, or entities providing accounting services, quality of service investigations, debt recovery, legal, analytical and marketing services for ETEC. 


    1. We may use your personal information for the following purposes:
      1. Register you as a user of ETEC.
      2. Provide you with services or solutions based on your instructions.
      3. Collect information about your preferences and accordingly improvise on the services offered by us to match your needs and expectations.
      4. To communicate with you and keep you updated with latest news, developments, announcements in areas of your business interest.
      5. To comply with any legal obligations, if such need arises.
      6. To analyze and improve our services and monitor compliance with our policies and standards.
      7. To co-ordinate and facilitate your visits to our premises or our events, exhibitions etc.
      8. For any other purposes related and/or ancillary to any of the above or any such purpose for which your personal information was provided to us.


    1. ETEC shall fully cooperate with law enforcement inquiries, court orders and decrees as well as with other third parties to enforce laws, such as: intellectual property rights, prevention of fraud, theft, harassment and other rights. ETEC can (and you authorize ETEC to) disclose any Information and Content about you, if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to (a) comply with relevant laws or to respond to court summons, orders/decrees or warrants served on us; (b) protect or defend the rights or property of EBTC or third parties; (c) assist in an investigation; or (d) respond to an emergency that poses a threat to the safety of Registered Users or other persons.


    1. ETEC saves all the Information and Content of a Registered User until their registration is cancelled or the Registered User chooses to delete his/her User Account. According to para 11 of the Terms of Use, ETEC has sole discretion to terminate your Registered User password, User Account (or any part thereof) and remove and discard any information or data uploaded on the server of EBTC for any reason, including, without limitation, for lack of use or if EBTC or ETEC believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the Terms of Use. Please note that once the registration is cancelled or a User chooses to delete his User Account all the Information and Content submitted to ETEC cannot be recovered. You may continue to receive email communications or updates for a short period of time until we have updated all of our databases. Notwithstanding anything, ETEC reserves its right to maintain information on Users who have been removed for violating the Terms of Use or otherwise.


    1. You have the right to request details of the information that ETEC may possess about you and how we process as well as to ask us to stop using your personal information.  While we endeavor to keep your most accurate personal information, however, we encourage you to exercise your right and contact us to let us know if any of your personal information is not accurate. You are also entitled to request a copy of personal information we hold about you though it is subject to reasonable restrictions which may serve as an exception to the rule should such demands be excessive. You also have the right to get your personal data erased when it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or when it may have been unlawfully processed. You are also entitled to exercise your right to request that your personal data is provided to you in a commonly used machine-readable format.
    2. In case you would like to make a complaint in context of exercising your rights, then you may approach the courts of law in India.


    1. ETEC may update this Privacy Policy from time to time as the services offered by ETEC services change and/or expand. If we make substantial changes to this Privacy Policy, we will post the updated policy on this page and we will post notice that this Privacy Policy has changed. Once any changes that ETEC makes to this Privacy Policy become effective, your continued use of the services provided by ETEC through its Website after such time will signify your acceptance of the new terms.


    1. ETEC is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other websites to which the Website links or which link to the Website. By clicking on a link, logo or other such items, or using certain services available on the Website, please note that Registered User may no longer be on the ETEC Website. To check what Internet location you are on, note the URL at the top and/or bottom of your browser. ETEC encourages Registered Users to read the posted privacy statement of the other websites whenever interacting with any website.


    1. If a Registered User wishes to report a violation of the Terms of Use, his legal rights or has any questions or complaints about our privacy policy, or need assistance, please contact us by phone or mail at the following address: 

EBTC New Delhi
DLTA Complex, South Block, 1st Floor 
1, Africa Avenue 
New Delhi 110 029,

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Tel: +91 11 3352 1500